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Club Member vs. Non-Member

Club Member vs. Non-Member

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Your home HVAC and plumbing system require regular maintenance just like your car to insure maximum performance. First time homeowners rarely think about it, and most often it is not communicated to them during the purchasing process as something to consider. Longtime homeowners can be quite forgetful when it comes to HVAC and plumbing maintenance until something goes wrong.

When your HVAC system is maintained correctly, it works more efficiently and can prolong the lifespan. Same for your water heater. No matter where you live in the greater DFW area there are a substantial amount of HVAC and plumbing contractors who provide maintenance programs. These are often referred to as club member programs and there are several benefits to “joining a club” you get.

Club membership plans vary by company but below are some of the most common benefits:

  • Priority service – you are guaranteed to be scheduled ahead of non-club members
  • Discounts on repairs – companies will offer a percentage off and some may also include small repairs at no additional cost
  • Discounts on equipment upgrades and/or replacements
  • Heating maintenance
  • A/C maintenance
  • Whole home plumbing inspection
  • Water heater flush
  • Easy, automatic monthly payments

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At first glance, this may seem minimal but when you begin to see how much money this saves you compared to not being a club member, it really begins to add up. The maintenances alone typically cost around $99 or more per visit and that’s to do maintenance on 1 HVAC system. If you have multiple HVAC systems, there are typically additional charges to do maintenance on each system. Same is true when it comes to a plumbing maintenance. As a non-club member, you general are charged a service fee to have a plumber come out and do a whole home inspection and most likely will incur an additional fee for a standard tank or tankless water heater flush.

Now, let’s look at repairs! I mentioned before, one of the most common benefits of being a club member is the discounts on services and repairs. Cost of savings can typically range from 5%-15%. If you can find a company that offers a club membership that covers HVAC and plumbing, those discounts really add up. You may also find that some club memberships include free parts replaced during tune-ups, such as failed contactors, capacitors, toilet flapper, toilet fill valve or even 1 pound of refrigerant.

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HVAC and plumbing repairs are inevitable, but having a club membership that does consistent, regular maintenance will help you find and address small issues before they turn into BIG problems. Documentation of regular maintenance will also keep your manufacturer warranties valid on all your HVAC and plumbing equipment. Finding a company that you can partner with that offers comprehensive maintenance plans for your home gives you one less thing to worry about. In the event of an HVAC or plumbing emergency, you will already know who to call. Plus, they know your home HVAC and plumbing systems, and you get top priority as a club member. That kind of peace of mind is priceless!