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How Winter Weather Affects Your Water Heater

How Winter Weather Affects Your Water Heater

winterizing your water heaterIn the winter not only is your entire plumbing system affected, so is your water heater.

Hot water feels instant during the summer. Not the case in winter. The water coming into your water heater during the winter is much colder than normal because of the colder weather. It’s common for the water going from your water heater to your faucets or showerhead to drop 10 degrees.

Most homeowners automatically assume that when the water coming from their faucets isn’t as hot as they think it should be it is because there is a problem with their water heater not by the cooler fixtures.

The water coming into your water heater during winter is a lot colder because of the outdoor temperatures. If your water heater is placed in an unconditioned area in your home like your garage, closet, or attic, it forces your water heater to work harder just to heat your water.

Your family’s hot water demands typically increase during the colder months which forces your water heater to work longer and harder to keep up with the demand.

As your water heater struggles to meet the demand it puts a lot of wear and tear on it. Sometimes this can lead to problems with your system resulting in costly repairs and system failure.

water heater not heatingIt’s also quite common to see an increase in your monthly bills simply because of an increase in demand and your water heater is using more energy to heat your water.

Nobody likes to wake up to a cold shower. Make sure you are aware of the signs your water heater is struggling to keep up and should be addressed right away to Many water heater issues can be fixed without having to replace your water heater. Having a plumbing professional look at your water heater is the best route to take. They are the tank and tankless water heater experts.


Signs that you need to give your water heater a little T.L.C.

  • Significant increase in your energy bills
  • Rusty and murky water
  • Smelly water
  • Your water heater is leaking
  • A dramatic fluctuation in the temperature of your water
  • Banging, hissing, or knocking noises
  • It takes a long time for your water to get warm
  • Your water isn’t as hot as it needs to be
  • Low water pressure

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In terms of winterizing your water heater the best way to keep small issues from becoming bigger problems is with an annual inspection from a plumbing professional.