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Duct Cleaning

Breathe Easier with Duct Cleaning

Do you need a duct cleaning?

Out of sight, out of mind. Dirty ductwork can force your heating and cooling system to work harder, become less efficient, and can cause problems particularly for anyone who has respiratory problems.

If you haven’t properly maintained your HVAC system, the ductwork is subject to accumulating airborne particulates, dirt, dust debris and pet dandruff.

What to look for. Excessive dust in your home, your duct registers or grills are discolored and coated with a fine dark dust. If you remove the cover and wipe the sides of the duct with a damp cloth, you’re likely to find it comes dirty.

It’s not a good idea to attempt cleaning them your vacuum cleaner with a long dust brush which is not a good idea. Only a professional technician has the right tools, equipment and experience working on a system like yours.

Our HVAC professionals thoroughly inspect the ductwork to determine the type of ducts, the condition of the various sealing points and hangers to prevent damage that could lead to reduced efficiency and repair expense.

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