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Expert Plumbers Maintaining Your Sink and Garbage Disposal Since 1985

Maintaining Your Sink and Garbage Disposal Since 1985

It’s for good reason many consider the kitchen the heart of the home. Not only is it where you cook meals, but it’s also where important discussions are had and midnight cravings satiated. It’s the place many trips end and excursions begin. But when that heart isn’t working quite right—or feels a little outdated—a local plumber may be just what you need. Because kitchen plumbing is complicated and multi-faceted, it’s best to leave things to a professional. And, if you live in Denton, whether you're installing a new apron sink, repairing a faucet , or fixing a broken garbage disposal, we’re here to help.

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What to Look for in a Kitchen Plumber

What to Look for in a Kitchen Plumber

A lot of people figure there’s not all that much to kitchen plumbing. A line for the icemaker there. Something to hook up the dishwasher. The faucet and garbage disposal finish things off. But we’re often called to help when someone’s DIY project turns out to be more than they could handle. Unfortunately, by the time that happens they’ve already done irreparable water damage or stripped a part.

So, if the risk of damaging your kitchen doesn’t outweigh the cost of hiring a professional, it’s time to find a plumbing contractor. But, a lot of people aren’t sure what to look for in a Denton plumber. That’s why we’ve put together the below list of qualities to look for in a plumbing company (all things Force Home Services provides):

  1. Good Reviews: The first thing you should do is see what past customers say about them. The Internet—especially Google—makes it easy to verify a plumber’s quality. Read through a few reviews and the corresponding responses. Do they have a habit of arriving late? Are they often accused of overcharging? If there is an issue, how does the company respond?
  2. Ultimate Adaptability: A good plumber comes equipped to tackle any kitchen plumbing issue. They arrive with the parts needed for common repairs and the know-how necessary to fix less-common problems. The Denton plumbing company you want to choose is also equipped to work around your schedule.
  3. Licensed and Insured: Don’t use an unlicensed “plumber” or handyman. Their work is rarely covered by home insurance or any kind of warranty. When you call to schedule, ask what the company’s license number is and verify they’re authorized to perform the necessary work. We are.
  4. Good Plumbers Respect Your Time: How do they schedule jobs? Is it in four-hour windows or just a vague mention of a date and nothing else? Don’t settle for that! Go with a plumbing company that keeps you abreast of updates and appointment changes.
  5. They’re Picky About Their Staff: A trustworthy plumbing company won’t let just anyone into your kitchen. They are selective about the plumbers they hire. Typically, the hiring process consists of a drug screening, background check, and comprehensive interview.

For Professional Kitchen Remodeling in Denton, Go with Us

For Professional Kitchen Remodeling in Denton, Go with Us

If you’re tired of your kitchen looking like a set piece from The Brady Bunch, then it might be time to think about remodeling it. Though not as aesthetically important as your marble countertops or new cabinets, kitchen plumbing is a vital part of bringing things into the 21st century. We’ll not only help you install a new dishwasher but can also make adjustments for a new apron sink and can reroute existing piping. As experienced plumbing professionals, we’re able to bridge the gap between you and the other contractors on site.

So, if you want to remodel your kitchen in Denton, give 940.535.7494 a call to get scheduled.

How Our Plumbers Can Improve Your Kitchen in Denton

How Our Plumbers Can Improve Your Kitchen in Denton

Gas Fitting Services

If you want to hook up a gas stove, you might be surprised to know a plumber can help. Gas fitting in Denton and Denton is just one of the services our plumbers provide. Reach out to us at 940-535-7494 to get a quote on gas line repair or installation.

Install New Gas Lines

Faucet Repair

Are you losing pressure on your kitchen sink? Is a clog making it back up and refusing to drain? Well, no matter what the issue is, Force Home Services can help. We work on all faucet brands and models including Kohler, Moen, and Delta.

Fix Your Faucet

Sink Installation

Looking to install a new apron sink or add a prep space to your counter? Our Denton plumbers can help. We will not only remove the old sink (if one exists) but will also hook it up with minimal lifestyle interruptions. When we're done, you'll have one more source of clean water in your home.

Install a Sink

Garbage Disposal Service

Making your plate scraps and prep waste go down the drain is a convenience that can help your trash from smelling. But garbage disposals are no fun when they clog or stop working. If that happens, just give 940.535.7494 a call to schedule your garbage disposal repair.

Ease Kitchen Cleanup

Waterline Hookup

Sometimes you need a new source of water supply in the kitchen. It could be a line for an ice maker, a water filter, or that newly installed dishwasher. No matter how large or complex the job, our plumbing experts are here to help. We’ve been serving the plumbing needs of Denton and Argyle since 1985.

Denton’s Go-to Kitchen Plumber

Denton’s Go-to Kitchen Plumber

If you want a local plumber that checks every box and provides quality service, reach out to Force Home Services at 940.535.7494. Our plumbing contracting business has spent years honing our skills, developing the expertise needed to handle even the most complex kitchen remodel. Through this, we’ve gained a reputation for providing competitive plumbing services throughout the Flower Mound and Denton areas. So, whether you need a faucet fixed or a new waterline run, we’re the plumber to call.

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Woollums Construction

Finding a good contractor has always been a challenge regardless of the trade. Everyone seems to have “got a guy”. I did not have a guy. So, I took a recommendation from a friend because I wanted my tank water heater replaced with a tankless system. Brian with Force was professional and responsive. The scope of work involved with this upgrade was not small. Factor in 100+ heat in the attic and combined bureaucracies of the city and Atmos gas company, this job was a huge pain. Brian and his guys showed up early and stayed late. I am very happy with their performance and will recommend them at every opportunity because I now have “got my guys!” Thank you to Brian and Force!

Lynn Peck

Your team, Bryan, Cody, his helper Michael and the dig team did a great job in getting my problem evaluated and repaired. In this heat, these guys were real troopers in making sure I had water back on as soon as possible. They deserve a medal! I am extremely happy and grateful for the service ~ they were working in 100 degree weather 2 days in a row. The bill was very reasonable and the guys were all so friendly and accommodating. I’ve found my new plumbing and A/C company that will get my business if and when any service is needed in the future! Thank you

Shripal Patel

Jax, our service technician for plumbing called 25 mins before arrival. He immediately started taking care of the plumbing issue that happened in our house. He took care of the issue and now our bathroom pipe is clean. He also helped me figure out why the water level on my toilet was not quite right after I replaced the toilet flapper. He took his time working the problem and didn't rush it especially since he came out on Saturday mid morning. Force Home Services is a great business to work with!