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Clogged drains can be a frustrating mess. Before you spend your valuable time and money on products and then repeat that process over and over again to clear your drain, call the Plumbing Professionals at Force Home Services. We’ll get the water flowing fast and you’ll feel good with the Force Home Services 6 Month Guarantee or We Return For Free Promise.


Most clogged drains and blocked pipes can start as something minor but can quickly turn into a major problem if the drain is not professionally cleared. Not only does it drain slow it can actually cause corrosion, flooding and in some cases, it can actually cause sewage backup into your sinks and bathtubs.

Don’t wait for your small problem to become a major one. Call Force Home Services for all your plumbing needs. Our Plumbing Professionals will have you feeling good fast!

  • Bathroom Drain Clearing
  • Kitchen Drain Clearing
  • Main Sewer Line Clearing With, or Without Cleanouts
  • Complimentary Whole Home Camera Inspection With Drain Clearing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If You’re Not Happy Our Service is Free


Plumbing emergency services are available. Whether there’s been a burst pipe, your toilet is overflowing, your water heater is leaking, or you need immediate drain clearing, give Force Home Services a call. We offer after hours emergency service to make sure you and your family stay dry and comfortable.




When it comes to plumbing in Denton, few things are as important as the drain. These areas are not only where wastewater flows out but also serve as the link between your fixtures and the rest of your pipes. So, when one becomes damaged or clogged, it won’t take long to notice a problem. This can be something as noticeable as a backed-up sink to as subtle as a slow-draining bathtub. Still, whether the problem is big or small, it’s important to give it immediate attention.

Clogged drains can cause lowered water pressure and complications throughout your plumbing system. These universal symptoms can make it difficult to pinpoint the origin of the problem. Luckily, as someone who lives in the Denton area, you have access to Force Home Services’s plumbing experts. Our local plumber will quickly pinpoint the root cause of your clog or drain problem and present a customized solution.

To clear that stubborn drain in Argyle or Flower Mound, reach out to us by phone or fill out our form.


You’re probably asking how these contaminants get into the air in the first place. Radioactive radon seeping in from the soil, smoke from old cigarettes, off-gassing from fire retardant materials, and cleaning product vapors are just a few causes of indoor air pollution in Denton. Dust mites, mold, viruses, pet dander, and mildew also play a part. As homes become more energy-efficient and changing lifestyles lead many of us to spend more time indoors, poor air quality has become a public health crisis.

  • Water backing up in or outside your home
  • Sudden, frequent leaks in your home
  • Slower than usual draining of tubs or faucets
  • An unpleasant odor coming from your drain or pipes
  • Peeling paint or staining in plumbing areas


Now, before calling us, you may be tempted to handle the clog yourself. You might go as far as to pick up a bottle of chemical drain cleaner from the local store. But—though advertising implies otherwise—these toxic liquids are not safe for you or your pipes. If used regularly, these corrosive substances can eat away at your pipes, leading to a much more expensive problem.

So, while that bottle is a lot cheaper than our service call, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Liquid Cleaners and Toilets Don’t Mix: Many chemical cleaners use heat to dissolve clogs and congealed substances. But this reaction won’t work on most toilet clogs, leaving the substance to settle on the bottom of the bowl. The increased temperature can crack the porcelain.
  • Drain Cleaners Aren’t Eco-Friendly: Though there are “green” options out there, most drain cleaners are harmful to health and the environment. Because they are so dangerous to breathe, it’s best not to use them in homes with pets or children.
  • Not a Guaranteed Fix: There’s nothing on the bottle that promises your drains will flow freely again. Some cleaners only work on certain clog types. Hiring a professional plumber, however, ensures that the obstruction will be removed. It also ensures the fix is a permanent one, not a band-aid in a bottle.

If your drain is clogged, don’t resort to chemical warfare. Just call Denton’s go-to plumbing experts—Force Home Services.



Basement and utility rooms often rely on floor drains for drainage. You also see them a lot in commercial locations. Debris often gets into these low points and can clog the pipes beneath. If you find yours is caked with hair or refusing to drain properly, give 940.535.7494 a call. We’ll come out and inspect the pipe, determine the issue’s cause, and clear any obstructions.


Laundry and kitchen sinks must be kept in great condition for a functional home. If you notice either refusing to drain, reach out to us by phone or form. Our Denton-area plumbers will arrive promptly and uncover the source of the issue. We’ll then clear the clog and test it for any other issues.



If a plunger won’t clear a toilet clog, it’s time to call in the professionals. Neglecting to do so can lead to backups and raw sewage seeping into your home. When you call us, you can rest easy knowing our plumber can quickly unblock the toilet and get it back to prime-operating condition. So, if you’re tired of a toilet that won’t flush in Denton, we invite you to get to know us.


Sewer line issues are complex and can impact your home’s entire plumbing system. Unfortunately, many homeowners mistake this major issue for something much more minor. This can lead the unseen sewer blockage to grow, leading to further damage. This is why it’s so vital to hire a professional plumber at the first sign of a plumbing issue. He or she can quickly pinpoint a septic line or sewer issue and treat the root cause. That means less money wasted on band-aid fixes.


Keeping your home’s drains clean isn’t always easy. And, when you fail to do so, pinpointing the exact location of a blockage can be difficult. That’s where our camera systems come in. While at your home, our plumber will use a flexible camera to take a peek down your pipes. This gives us a close-up on what’s causing the obstruction, allowing us to select the perfect tools to remove it.


Hydro jetting uses high-velocity water to remove tree roots and other hard obstructions. Since no chemicals are involved, it doesn’t damage your pipes or cause any long-lasting damage, In many cases, this can erase the need for trenching and pipe replacement. With 39 years of hydro jetting experience, Force Home Services’s plumbers are true clog removal experts. Visit this page to learn more about hydrojetting in Denton.



We provide comprehensive drain maintenance programs throughout the Denton, Flower Mound, and Argyle areas. We recommend having your drains serviced regularly. This will help prevent the formation of large-scale obstructions that can shatter pipes and affect your entire plumbing system.


There are a few things homeowners in the Denton area can do to lessen the chance of drain blockage. These simple solutions include:

  • Installing a Hair Stopper in the Shower: You’d be surprised how often a clog is nothing more than a ball of hair. Installing a drain cover or hair stopper will only cost a couple of dollars. These go between your drain and the pipe, allowing you to fish hair out before its washed into your pipes.
  • Add a Lint Trap to Your Washer’s Drain Line: You probably didn’t think about what happens to all the dirt and debris from the clothes you wash, but you should. These items are often washed out of the pipe at the machine’s back and into the sewer line. Installing a lint trap where the two meet, can prevent the fabric from clogging up your main sewer line.
  • Add a Food Stopper: If you don’t have a garbage disposal, then a food stopper is a must-have. This small piece of metal is placed over your drain to stop anything but water from flowing through. With one of these installed, the constant need for drain cleaning will go away.
  • Regularly Rinse Your Drains: Create a mixture of warm water and vinegar once a month. Pour this down the drains. Then, turn the hot water on to wash the bubbling liquid throughout your plumbing system. This will help dislodge any debris.


While technical plumbing knowledge is important, it’s not the most vital characteristic of a good plumber. Almost every company worth their license can handle a drain problem. What you need, however, is a plumbing company that puts you first. We promise to make clearing your clog our top priority. We also will treat your home with the respect it deserves. We will not damage your home or track mud through it. When it comes to making you smile, our plumbing contractors have the winning solution.

To schedule a drain cleaning in Denton, reach out to us by form or phone. If you’re not sure we’re the plumber for you, we invite you to view reviews from our other happy customers.