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Water Filtration Systems

A home water filtration systems means
cleaner, heathier water

Protect your family with a Home Water Filtration System

Water is in all aspects of our lives, we cook with it, we drink it, we shower, and we wash with it. It’s unavoidable. Do you know the quality of the water you use on a daily basis for every one of those activities we take for granted? You should!

Families from Denton County along with portions of Tarrant and Collin Counties have relied on Force Home Services experienced plumbers to take care of all their plumbing needs including water filtration solutions from the water filtration experts at Halo.

You might be surprised what’s actually in your water. You can purchase a test kit for certified water testing for city or well water at the National Testing Laboratories, LTD

You can also find your local information free at EWG’s Tap Water Database and see what pollutants are in your water.


When you have a HALO 5 Whole House Filtration and Conditioning System you are protecting you home and extending the life of your appliances. It not only dissolves scale it prevents scale and corrosion in your lines. It handles most of your water filtration, purification, and conditioning needs in a single installation.

The HALO 5 Whole House Filtration and Conditioning System uses smart technology to remove the harmful contaminates providing your home with the cleanest water possible. It removes heavy metals like mercury and lead and harmful chlorine.

You’ll notice a difference with a HALO 5 Whole-House Filtration and Conditioning System from every faucet. From the water you’re drinking to the way your skin feels after your shower, it’s a great investment for your family’s overall health.

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It’s that quick to Feel Good Fast about what’s in your water.

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Emergency Service

Plumbing emergency services are available. Whether there’s been a burst pipe, your toilet is overflowing, or your water heater is leaking, give Force Home Services a call. We offer after hours emergency service to make sure you and your family stay dry and comfortable.