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The Plumbers Denton Trusts to Handle Their Clogged and Broken Toilets

Tackling Clogged and Broken Toilets in Denton

You walk into the bathroom to take a shower. Immediately, you notice the sound of running water. After a few minutes of investigating, the sound is tracked to your toilet tank. You can't easily fix the issue and decide to leave it. Next month, when the water bill comes, you regret it. Don't be that person! Make sure you place a call for toilet repair in Denton the minute you notice a problem.

A cracked or clogged toilet can really put a damper on things. If your home in Argyle or Flower Mound only has one bathroom, these issues can go from minor inconvenience to total life derailment. That’s why it’s important to call a local Denton plumber at the first sign of toilet trouble. And, no matter what kind of issue you’re facing, you can trust the bathroom plumbing experts at Force Home Services to get the job done. Upon arriving, we’ll quickly pinpoint the issue, getting you one step closer to normal.

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Toilet Services Our Plumbers Provide

Toilet Services Our Plumbers Provide

Though simple on the outside, toilets are actually complex plumbing fixtures. Behind that porcelain surface lies a calculated network of valves, flappers, and water lines. A breakdown in any of these can lead to flushing or filling issues. Some of these problems are minor, like small clogs. Others, meanwhile, can cost you thousands of dollars. Fortunately, if your issue is any of the following, Force Home Services is here to help:

  • Toilet repair
  • Toilet installation
  • Toilet replacement
  • Toilet clog removal
  • Leaking tank repair
  • Toilet rebuild
  • Fill valve replacement
  • Flush valve replacement
  • Toilet handle replacement
  • Toilet flange replacement
  • High water pressure
  • Constantly running toilets
  • Toilet pull and reset
  • Toilet shut-off replacement
  • Flapper replacement
  • Comfort height toilet installation
  • Phantom flushing

We work on all types of toilets including low-water use and vintage ones. Our plumbers are also well-acquainted with all the popular toilet brands

including Kohler, Glacier Bay, Delta, and American Standard

Denton’s Toilet Repair Experts

Denton’s Toilet Repair Experts

A clogged or non-functioning toilet is often a plumbing emergency. The same is true of a leaking faucet or bathtub. Leaks can lead to water damage while clogs can spread bacteria across your home. That’s why putting off your toilet repair is never a good idea. This complexity is also the main reason why it’s best to leave your toiler repair to a professional plumber. A bolt turned too tight or mishandling can permanently damage your toilet. So, if you notice a potential issue, put the wrench down and reach out to the team at 940.535.7494.

Here are some signs that it’s time to schedule a toilet repair:

  • Leaking at the toilet base
  • Strange noises inside the tanks
  • Severe clogs that won’t clear
  • Flushing slow or malfunctioning
  • Water that won’t stop running
  • A crack in the toilet tank or bowl

Though we’ll try our best to repair your toilet, there are times when that’s not possible. Some issues are severe enough that it’s better to install a newer, more sanitary unit.

A Word about Toilet Replacement in Denton

A Word about Toilet Replacement in Denton

Toilets in Denton can last for decades if properly maintained. However, there comes a time to replace every plumbing fixture. Perhaps it’s an ugly color straight out of a 70s showroom, it’s a big-time water waster, or there’s a unfixable crack right up its middle. No matter what kindled the urge for replacement, you have a toilet installation expert in your backyard. Our expert plumbers are here to handle all the dirty work that you cannot (or do not want to). We’ll not only handle hookup and securing but also disposal of your old toilet.

A lot of homeowners in the Denton area assume they can handle a toilet installation. But toilet replacement is a difficult and time-consuming task, especially in homes where the unit is old or outdated. Newer toilet hookups aren’t the same and may require pipes to be moved or adjusted. This worst-case scenario is one reason we’ve seen the results of DIY toilet installation dozens of times. Some horror stories include: a toilet that rocks every time you sit down, a brand-new handle that won’t flush, and a unit that constantly leaks.

Save yourself the headache of DIY gone wrong! Leave toilet replacement and new toilet hookup to a local, professional plumber. Reach out to us at 940.535.7494 to make a plumbing service appointment in Argyle or Denton.

Trust the Plumber Your Neighbors Do

Trust the Plumber Your Neighbors Do

When you have a problem with your toilet in Denton—whether it’s the fill valve or a toilet flange issue—you need a reliable plumber you can trust. Well, if you call Denton home, we’re just a phone call away. We’ve been serving the local community for 39 years and have a roster of happy clients to back up our expertise. Rest assured that we know not only plumbing, but people as well. That’s why we designed our business around your continued satisfaction.

To get scheduled for a new toilet installation or toilet repair, reach out to us by phone or form. Our plumbers are here and ready to serve.

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Woollums Construction

Finding a good contractor has always been a challenge regardless of the trade. Everyone seems to have “got a guy”. I did not have a guy. So, I took a recommendation from a friend because I wanted my tank water heater replaced with a tankless system. Brian with Force was professional and responsive. The scope of work involved with this upgrade was not small. Factor in 100+ heat in the attic and combined bureaucracies of the city and Atmos gas company, this job was a huge pain. Brian and his guys showed up early and stayed late. I am very happy with their performance and will recommend them at every opportunity because I now have “got my guys!” Thank you to Brian and Force!

Lynn Peck

Your team, Bryan, Cody, his helper Michael and the dig team did a great job in getting my problem evaluated and repaired. In this heat, these guys were real troopers in making sure I had water back on as soon as possible. They deserve a medal! I am extremely happy and grateful for the service ~ they were working in 100 degree weather 2 days in a row. The bill was very reasonable and the guys were all so friendly and accommodating. I’ve found my new plumbing and A/C company that will get my business if and when any service is needed in the future! Thank you

Shripal Patel

Jax, our service technician for plumbing called 25 mins before arrival. He immediately started taking care of the plumbing issue that happened in our house. He took care of the issue and now our bathroom pipe is clean. He also helped me figure out why the water level on my toilet was not quite right after I replaced the toilet flapper. He took his time working the problem and didn't rush it especially since he came out on Saturday mid morning. Force Home Services is a great business to work with!